Thursday, October 23, 2003
From The Spoons Experience:
This is too much!!
the NAACP is crying racism because Denver Police are transcribing witness and suspect statements verbatim -- including misprononciations and bad grammar. A Denver Post columnist complains, "I think the transcriptions make the speakers sound stupid."

Joe Kelley retorts:

I reminded of that old joke – Your girlfriend says to you, “Do these pants make my butt look big?

”No, your big butt makes your butt look big.”

Friday, October 17, 2003
6 months after the end of WWII, the press declared that Europe was worse off than when Hitler reigned, and that America was loosing the war after the war. Frickin' amazing!!! Read it here
I've seen a number of things lately that make me a little afraid of the internet's future (such as Microsofts encryption locks and such). But this gives me hope. Looks like some people, at least, see the internet as more than a tool to send viruses to the computers of music piraters.
Friday, October 03, 2003
I keep finding crap I want to remember later, so I keep posting, and its already 8...[/whine]

This is good to keep in mind when the big presidential debates start up. Instapundit notes the results of a study citing insufficient evidence that gun control laws actually reduce crime or even accidental deaths. That means that, with (likely) 95% confidence, the results of the study could not tell the difference between crime numbers with and without gun control laws.
If laws don't work, get rid of them, as they're an infringement on our liberties.
So when half the presidential candidates try to woo the idiots who are afraid of guns, remember that they cannot prove that gun control does anything except track whoever buys them (insert favorite conspiracy big-brother sort of thing here).

A report published by the Centers for Disease Control on Thursday found no conclusive evidence that gun control laws help to prevent violent crime, suicides and accidental injuries in the United States.

Critics of U.S. firearms laws, which are considered lax in comparison with most other Western nations, have long contended that easy access to guns helped to fuel comparatively high U.S. rates of murder and other violent crimes.

Gun control is a perennial hot political issue in the United States, which reported 28,663 gun-related deaths in 2000, the latest year for which complete data are available. Firearms were the second leading cause of injury-related death that year.

But a national task force of health-care and community experts found "insufficient evidence" that bans on specific guns, waiting periods for gun buyers and other such laws changed the incidence of murder, rape, suicide and other types of violence.

The findings were based on 51 studies, some partly funded by the CDC, of gun laws enacted in the mid-1970s and later.

I wonder if they have evidence to prove that lack of gun control laws reduces violent crime? I wonder if your computer would mysteriously crash if it held such data?

From instapundit is this sad bit:
Human rights groups urged the UN to arrest Chief Insp Dowa and put him on trial for torture. The UN declined, citing a lack of funds, and sent him back to Zimbabwe.

Lack of funds.to.arrest.someone. Boy, that $1 billion the US gives them sure doesn't stretch, does it? Especially with all their non-involvement in, say, everywhere there's a conflict (Liberia, Afghan, Iraq, Israel, etc.). Expensive to sit around dreaming up who would be most ironic to lead the human rights part of the UN (Libya, no no, Cuba, no wait! how about Iran?)
That's Gold, Jerry! Comedy Gold!!
The Russians are killing global warming!!! Woo-hoo!
And anyone who says Rusky scientists are dumb risks an arse-whooping.
Although, sadly, this won't be reported and probably won't kill off spending on blowhard environmentalist crap, its good news anyway.
This article discusses the nonsense of global warming in general and the latest Russian reaction to it
The American continued by saying that this message [global warming] was exactly what was needed in order finally to secure hundreds of millions of dollars for purchase of a supercomputer. There was only one recipe for this: "Scare them to death!" And this recipe proved to be successful.

Here is a blog entry mentioning the Russian meeting
They've completely bamboozled the enviros here, who thought that this would be another grim worryfest like the IPCC meetings.

Scientists who lie about global warming to secure government funds go to a special hell, where they are forced to live out eternity as grad students for particularly nasty profs. With no beer money.
Wednesday, October 01, 2003
So Rush L. is now on ESPN's Sunday morning pre-game show. And this Sunday he comments on the Eagle's miserable start by saying that "the media" was over-estimating McNabb's ability in an effort to see a black QB succeed. He was obviously full of crap (a la Vince Ferragamo, Doug Williams, Steve McNair our man Dauntes inferno, to name a few). Listing a few successfully but less media-blitzed QBs of color would be the obvious argument to such an assinine statement. But what actually happens?
I wonder if he just bates these people, then laughs his ass off.
I'm flipping through the not-Fox news channels and every one of them is commenting on this ridiculous assertation (as though it deserves even that!). One has a black "expert" of some sort on who says (the quote is short because that's all I could stand to listen to), "... to be accused of having ability because you're black is ..."
This Rush comment, that should be lambasted with logic and facts if not completely ignored because it is too dumb, is somehow transformed into an assertation that athletes are sometimes talented because they're black? Holy crap, at least get the friggin' quote straight! My memory's pretty bad, and even I knew that Rush didn't claim that! Sheesh.
I wonder how many times that happens when I don't happen to catch it (which would be every time it happens if the quote doesn't originate on a football pre-game show!).
I guess if I had a talk show and a big audience, I'd let these idiots make themselves look dumb then talk about it on my show, too.

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